Our Products are from Mexican Artisans and Designers

Huapangos offers a variety of Mexican art and crafts.

We get new merchandise every month from designer curators from all over Mexico. 
The merchandise varies a lot, depending on our best findings, like handbags, pillows, clothes, necklaces, earrings, shawls, etc. 
If you are interested in a particular item, even if it is not on Huapango's website, please get in touch with us, we can find it for you.

Mexican artisans and designers

We are setting up the Huapango's website to showcase mexican talent across the globe!

How can you show your products on Easy! just need to have these criteria:

1. Be Mexican

2. Be an amazing designer

....  and that's all!

Get in touch to be part of the Huapangos community :) at: